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evening sunset photo tour in prague

Sunset Photo Tour in Prague

sunset in prague

Sunset is a great time to take cityscape photos as most photographers know. The sun is low in the sky which brings out lots of fine detail in surfaces like stone walls and buildings. Shadows are long and the warm  colour of the evening sun makes photos come to life. These are just two reasons it is worth considering taking an evening photo tour of Prague on your visit.

Prague is one of the most stunning cities in Europe, full of amazing historical architecture, castles, bridges, ancient cobbled streets and hidden photographic gems. Fantastic Photos Prague offer late afternoon small-group photo tours of Prague.

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Early Morning Dawn Sunrise Photo Tour in Prague

Sunrise Photo Tour in Prague

sunrise on the Charles Bridge photo


As most landscape and cityscape photographers know, early morning shots just after sunrise can look great. The sun is low in the sky creating shadows and contrast. Surfaces like stone walls can come alive with detail and shadows. The light looks cooler than sunset, and often there is some mist lingering in the air, adding some atmosphere to your photo.

Prague offers so many picturesque spots for taking photos, and a morning photo shoot is ideal especially as it is the one time of day when the streets are mostly free from tourists.

If you would like a guided photo tour of the best photo locations, we offer early morning tours. Photo tours start around 45 minutes after sunrise or another time by agreement. Check out further details on this page. Strahov Prague