What is an ECO Photo Tour v Classic Photo Tour?

What is an ECO Photo Tour versus a Classic Photo Tour?

ECO photo tours

are designed to be Ecological & Economical, helping in a small way to reduce our carbon footprint while saving you money!

Our ECO tours are usually based in one city, so you will return to the same hotel accommodation each night. We venture on day trips to picture perfect locations elsewhere, usually no more than 2 hours from base. Where practical, our point to point local transportation is by train (often 1st class) or high quality air-conditioned express bus.

All local transportation costs are included in the tour price. By avoiding the use of a small private minivan, we can pass considerable cost savings on to you, which can be as much as €600-1000 per person

What is a Classic Photo Tour?

A Classic Photo photo tour is one visiting multiple destinations far apart, and staying in various different hotels. To move everyone between locations we use a high-quality private minibus with air-conditioning.

Compare the benefits of ECO tour v Classic Tour

ECO Tour AdvantagesClassic Tour Advantanges
Reduce Carbon Footprint, to help the environmentConvenient door to door transportation
Convenient hotel base in one locationSee a wider area by changing hotels
Can easily change the weeks itinerary for weather conditionsCan change the itinerary during the day
Considerable cost savings compared to a Classic TourMore suitable for those with mobility issues
Fast, efficient train or air-conditioned express bus transportPrivate high-quality air-conditioned minibus
Taxi pick-up from airport includedTaxi pick-up from airport included

ECO Tour DisadvantagesClassic Tour Disadvantages
Outside the base location, less opportunity for sunrise shotsIf bad weather on one day, less options to change location to another day
Might not be suitable for people with mobility issuesMore expensive, typically €500+ per person
Potential for unexpected delaysCan change the itinerary during the day


Is an ECO Tour for me?

On an ECO tour, when we are on locations away from our base town you will need to be able to carry your camera gear/backpack with you all day. So it advisable to a minimum of gear, eg. camera, a couple of lenses and possibly a small lightweight tripod if you wish.
As we use trains and express buses to get to locations, you will need to be prepared for some additional walking and the occasional unexpected delay.

We aim to get the best light at the optimum times. Away from our base town, we might miss a sunrise, and settle for a sunset instead.

 Is a Classic Photo Tour for me?

When the tour involves relocating to various hotels in different locations, we will always use a private minibus for the duration of the tour. Driving you to locations at the right time. If you are a little less mobile or prefer an easier tour with less walking, then a Classic Tour could be the better option for you.